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Why were these races selected?

These races were selected to ensure a diverse number of options were made available for every discipline of triathlon, allowing athletes who compete across different disciplines to be rewarded for their results. Triathlon Queensland (TQ) has identified events that are safe and have a strong reputation in the triathlon community. The 2018-19 Nissan State Series works to overcome geographic barriers for athletes, through incorporating events in the Series from North Queensland, West Queensland and South East Queensland.


How do I determine my age category?

These age groups are determined by their age as at 31 December 2018.


Is it a requirement to compete in six (6) races to be eligible to win the Nissan State Series Age Group Champion Award?

No, an athlete does not need to compete in all sixteen (16) events, but only their top six (6) best results will be counted. The athlete with the highest overall point score, based on their best six (6) results in each category, will be awarded the title.

E.g. If you compete in four (4) races, all four (4) of your results will be counted to determine your final score. If you compete in eight (8) races, your six (6) best results will be counted to determine your final score.


Do I need to let Triathlon Queensland know which races I am competing in?

No, Triathlon Queensland will be working with the race directors to ensure all Triathlon Queensland members, Ballina Tri Club members and Tweed Valley Triathletes’ results are sent to Triathlon Queensland for point allocation.


How long after a race will the point score come out?

The race directors have a one-week time frame to send all results to the Triathlon Queensland office. The Triathlon Queensland office will then aim to have the point score up two weeks after the race. If there is a delay, this is usually a result of issues with the timing system, or the Race Director is busy on-site packing up from the event.


Who do I contact if there is an issue with my result or ranking on the Leader Board?

All timing issues must go to the race organiser immediately after the event, within 30 minutes of the final race. Once the race results have been received by Triathlon Queensland, the places will stand. If you find an error in the leader board, please contact

If you have any issues with the Nissan State Series Leader Board please contact Triathlon Queensland on


What happens if an event is cancelled?

If an event is cancelled and not able to be rescheduled, no points will be awarded to any athlete for the race. If the event is rescheduled to a date more than one week prior to the Triathlon Queensland Champions of Queensland Awards (14 April 2019), then the race will be run as usual and points will be awarded.


Is there a series registration?

No, to enter the series you just need to register through the event’s website and be an active Triathlon Queensland member. Make sure you register in the correct race category so you can earn points. More information on which Race Category to register for is included in the Nissan State Series Rules and the State Series Race pages.

E.g. If you are 8 years old (at 31 December 2018) at the Greater Springfield Duathlon, you must enter the 7-9 Mini Kids category at


How do I know which race category to compete in?

This information can be found on each event page. Click on your age group tab under ‘How to earn points’ to determine which race to enter via the event organiser website.


How do I register for an event?

Nissan State Series Races are run by external race directors, who have their own registration systems. You must register via the event’s website. Links can be found under the Nissan State Series Races pages. Any queries regarding event registration should be directed to each race director.


If I don’t race the required distance can I still earn points?

No, the distances and age categories are determined based on Triathlon Australia Race Competition Rules and Event Director race offerings. You must compete in the eligible category to earn points.


Will I receive medals at each event?

Triathlon Queensland presents Queensland Championship medals (gold, silver, bronze) at Championship events only. It is at the discretion of each Event Director whether they present medals in the non-championship categories.


What does the asterisk mean on my results?

One asterisk indicates membership and Nissan State Series eligibility. If there are two asterisks, you are also eligible for National Championships (if the event is a National Championship), as you are a Triathlon Australia member.


Am I eligible if I am the only person in my age category on the Leader Board?

Yes, as long as you enter a minimum of two (2) events.


What do I do if I forgot to add my club to my event registration?

You should contact the event organiser and request your club to be added to your registration details. Some registration systems will also allow you to log in and change your personal details yourself.